Hi, my names Poppy and I’m the founder of baby sleep solutions. Before working as a sleep consultant I was a radiographer for over 10 years. After returning to work after my first son, a baby that slept perfectly for the first year I soon started to suffer with sleep deprivation. What I didn’t realise was that he had never learnt to self-settle and instead was just crashing when he was so tired. This meant many broken nights and tough days for the whole household. I spent a great deal of time researching different methods of sleep training before going on to be a certified sleep consultant shortly after the birth of my second son.

I find the process of sleep fascinating and really believe that any sleep techniques are individual to the child, there is not a one size fits all package. The needs of the child also change over time, this is also something that needs to be considered.


Anxiety can often be the cause of toddlers and young children being unable to fall asleep independently or to stay asleep throughout the night. With my techniques we take a personal approach when designing a sleep plan so that emotional and sensory needs are met.

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